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Btc To Usd Converter

Here, the currency calculator shows the opening and closing rate as well as the lowest and highest rates for the respective date. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are often called digital assets, because we can buy, sell, trade them just like traditional assets on the stock market. Thus, the majority of crypto enthusiasts are investors or traders who […]

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Healthy Eating Tips

  What is healthy eating? Healthy eating means taking several meals that provide the body with appropriate nutrients needed that help maintains energy, good feeling, and health. These needed body nutrients include; vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, water, minerals, and fat. Healthy eating rules Healthy eating rules contain the current best scientific advice with a selection of […]


Unbelievable: Why a 19-Year Old Teen Rejected Elon Musk’s 500,000 Offer to Delete a Twitter Account

By: Benjamin Njuguna   What would you do if the Richest Man on Earth contacted you and offered Ksh 500,000 (USD 5000) to delete a Twitter account you started in 2020? Well, Jack Sweeney, a college freshman aged 19 studying Information Technology turned down the offer. In 2020, Jack Sweeney started a Twitter account to […]


Redcap 2FA Authentication

To improve on security, we plan to adopt Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) on the Redcap application. This will require user to use second authorization after login. You can choose either Mail or Google Authenticator App. Usage At the login screen, enter your credentials and submit, a window will appear requesting 2FA In case this is your first […]

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